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Our Mission

Our Mission

“To promote the benefits of Mentorship throughout the country as a partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Our goal is to increase the number of mentors in the country to a point where there is a mentor for every child in need. Imagine a society where every child knew they mattered.”

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What we Do

Help Young Adults

We provide a resource to connect the adult to a network of organizations that connect the
adult with a child in need who would be a good fit based on similar interests, abilities, and background.

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How We Do It

Mentorship, Support, Programs

We make mentoring relationships safe, accessible and effective using web-based “check-in” systems. A secure, attractive, accessible, user friendly application can be used in multiple venues/situations including schools, community and faith-based organizations, after school clubs and leagues. This approach is a true value-added solution to existing parent approved activities that are designed to have a positive impact in the early years of a child’s life.

Why We Do IT

Creating Life Changing Friendships

There is a profound need for children/teens to have a support structure as they mature into adulthood. We want to help children make healthy, informed decisions about their lives. Think of a time when you were asked to do something outside your comfort zone. What did you do? You called someone. Maybe it was a leaky pipe. You called someone. You called a plumber. Imagine you’re a child, or maybe a teenager, and you have a problem, or you are worried about something. You are wondering about your future, or just the next day at school, or basketball tryouts, or how to fit in. You don’t have someone to call. Your mom is trying, but it is not enough. You need someone to talk to. In your mind, you feel like your hand is raised saying, “What should I do? I need help. I need someone.” For a child, life is scary, especially now, when there are so many things outside our control. But you could help. And it wouldn’t take much. You see that raised hand. You could be that someone.
You could be that child’s Gift of Hope
Be a Mentor………….

How you can Help

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Are you ready to make a difference in a child's life?

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